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There are 60 talks and posters.

Jette Arneborg [Presentation] - Deceived by Erik the Red? The first Norse settlers in Greenland. (Summary).

Philippa Ascough [Presentation] - Stable isotope and radiocarbon investigations of archaeofaunal and human remains in the North Atlantic Islands. (Summary).

Cathy Batt [Poster] - Constructing a chronology for westward Viking Age expansion in the North Atlantic. (Summary).

Rosie Bishop [Presentation] - Plant gatherers, plant managers or agriculturalists: continuity or change in plant use in Mesolithic-Neolithic Scotland? . (Summary).

Douglas Bolender [Poster] - Barley Ubiquity in Langholt Skagafjörđur. (Summary).

Seth Brewington [Presentation] - Norse-period seabird exploitation in the Faroe Islands. (Summary/Presentation PDF File).

Jesse Byock [Presentation] - The Mosfell and Leiruvogur Archaeological Projects. (Summary).

Timothy Carlisle [Poster] - Viking Age Iron Working and Socio-technical Pathways of Status Ascription. (Summary).

Laura Comeau [Poster] - Snow variability and human ecodynamics in Norse Greenland . (Summary).

Brian Damiata [Poster] - A Protocol for Using Geophysical Methods to Detect Viking-Age Structures . (Summary).

Tom Dawson [Presentation] - Scotlandżs Coastal Heritage at Risk Project (SCHARP) żShoreUPDATE; asking the public to help monitor and manage vulnerable sites. (Summary).

Tom Dawson [Presentation] - Virtual Histories: New ways of presenting the results of archaeological investigation. (Summary).

Tom Dawson [Presentation] - What is the value of community projects at threatened archaeological sites? . (Summary).

Alexis Dolphin [Presentation] - A bioarchaeological investigation of childhood health in early medieval Bergen, Norway. (Summary/Presentation PDF File).

Andy Dugmore [Presentation] - Measures of resilience: tephra layer morphology and the anticipation of land surface change. (Summary).

Céline Dupont-Hébert [Poster] - What’s on the menu at Hjálmarvík? Preliminary results of zooarchaeological analysis of a coastal farm in Ţistilfjörđur, NE Iceland . (Summary).

Ragnar Edvardsson [Poster] - On the Cod´s Tail. (Summary).

Árni Einarsson [Poster] - Graves, placenames and looters by Lake Myvatn.. (Summary).

Árni Einarsson [Poster] - Viking Age Walls, Animal Territories . (Summary).

Frank Feeley [Presentation] - Proto-industry and Provisioning Medieval Fishing at Gufuskálar, Snćfellsnes, Western Iceland. (Summary/Presentation PDF File).

Véronique Forbes [Presentation] - Archaeoentomology and the modernisation of life-ways in rural Iceland. (Summary/Presentation PDF File).

Véronique Forbes [Poster] - Archaeoentomological analysis of midden samples from Svalbarđ and Hjálmarsvík, Ţistilfjörđur, NE-Iceland. (Summary).

Véronique Forbes [Poster] - Duck fleas as evidence for eiderdown production on archaeological sites. (Summary).

Adolf Fridriksson [Presentation] - Deviant Burial Location in Iceland. (Summary/Presentation PDF File).

Adolf Fridriksson [Poster] - Á Helvegi - On The Road To Hel. (Summary).

Hildur Gestsdóttir [Presentation] - Hofstađir in Mývatnssveit: a medieval cemetery. (Summary).

Ramona Harrison [Presentation] - Gásir Hinterlands Project: Study of Human Ecodynamics in Eyjafjörđur.. (Summary/Presentation PDF File).

Steven Hartman [Presentation] - The Inscribing Environmental Memory Project. (Summary/Presentation PDF File).

Steven Hartman [Poster] - Inscribing Environmental Memory in the Icelandic Sagas. (Summary).

Megan Hicks [Presentation] - Long-Term Social and Environmental Interactions at Skútustađir, Mývatn N. Iceland. (Summary/Presentation PDF File).

Elín Ósk Hreiđarsdóttir [Poster] - Ruin Memories. (Summary).

Anne Jensen [Presentation] - Heritage and Archaeology on the North Slope of Alaska: The Nuvuk Archaeology Project . (Summary/Presentation PDF File).

Aaron Kendall [Poster] - Barbuda Pedagogical Video Project. (Summary).

Aaron Kendall [Poster] - Viking Age trade in the North Atlantic: a comparative study of common artifacts from settlement sites in Iceland and Greenland. (Summary/Poster PDF File).

Liam Lanigan [Presentation] - Pathological Deformation of the Anterior Pyriform Aperture: A Differential Diagnosis. (Summary/Presentation PDF File).

Paul Ledger [Presentation] - Vatnahverfi: a green and pleasant land? Palaeoecological reconstructions of environmental and land-use change . (Summary/Presentation PDF File).

Karl-Johan Lindholm [Presentation] - An Archaeology of the Commons. Cooperative natural resource management in northern Sweden. (Summary/Presentation PDF File).

Christian Koch Madsen [Presentation] - Vatnahverfi Revisited - 7 Years of Archaeological Investigations. (Summary).

Ingrid Mainland [Poster] - ‘SmartFauna’: a microscale GIS-based multi-dimensional approach to faunal deposition at the Ness of Brodgar, Orkney. (Summary/Poster PDF File).

Thomas McGovern [Presentation] - Short Welcome. (Summary/Presentation PDF File).

Natascha Mehler [Presentation] - Harbours of the North Atlantic (AD 800-1300). (Summary).

Morten Meldgaard [Presentation] - Qeqertasussuk and Qaja revisited. (Summary).

Lukasz Mikolajczyk [Poster] - Geoarchaeology as an aid to understanding human activity in the changing environment of coastal zones. (Summary).

Karen Milek [Presentation] - The Vatnsfjörđur Project: Pathways to and from a Medieval Power Centre. (Summary/Presentation PDF File).

Dawn Elise Mooney [Poster] - Getting from A to ‘Beyond’: the story of Icelandic boat burials as told through mineralised wood remains. (Summary).

Anthony Newton [Presentation] - Isochrons and beyond: maximising the use of tephrochronology. (Summary).

Anthony Newton [Presentation] - NABO: Making best use of digital technology. (Summary/Presentation PDF File).

Astrid Ogilvie [Presentation] - Historical Sea-Ice Records from Iceland and Labrador. (Summary/Presentation PDF File).

Marcy Rockman [Presentation] - Talking about Archaeology and Landscape Learning Models Next Door to the White House. (Summary/Presentation PDF File).

Magdalena Schmid [Presentation] - Making the most of scientific dates in Viking Age Iceland. (Summary).

Konrad Smiarowski [Presentation] - Recent Advances in the Zooarchaeology of Norse Greenland. (Summary).

Konrad Smiarowski [Poster] - Sustainable but Extinct? Changing Economic Strategies of the Medieval Norse Settlement in Greenland. (Summary).

John Steinberg [Presentation] - Settlement Order & Site Size: Results of the Skagafjörđur Archaeological Settlement Survey. (Summary/Presentation PDF File).

John Steinberg [Poster] - Micro-regional pollen variability in Langholt, Skagafjörđur. (Summary).

Richard Streeter [Presentation] - Early warning signals of tipping points in surface vegetation cover and related geomorphological processes. (Summary/Presentation PDF File).

Vicki Szabo [Presentation] - Sagas and Sea Mammals: New Approaches to Whales, Archaeology, Ancient DNA and Icelandic Literature. (Summary/Presentation PDF File).

Nikola Trbojevic [Presentation] - Agent-based modelling of the Icelandic Landnám deforestation: ...ok, ABMs are useful - but what is it that really makes them cool?. (Summary/Presentation PDF File).

Emily Woolfenden [Poster] - Modelling Snow: snow, traditional human land use practices and the development of erosion . (Summary).

Jim Woollett [Presentation] - The Archaeology of Settlement and Abandonment of Svalbarđ : Initial results of an archaeological transect across a community in northeast Iceland. (Summary/Presentation PDF File).

Guđbjörg Ólafsdóttir [Presentation] - Archaeological samples reveals the demographic history of Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua) in medieval and early modern Iceland. . (Summary).