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Cathy Batt - Constructing a chronology for westward Viking Age expansion in the North Atlantic. (Batt_2_1371642829.doc).

Douglas Bolender - Barley Ubiquity in Langholt Skagafjörđur. (Bolender_2_1372258846.docx).

Timothy Carlisle - Viking Age Iron Working and Socio-technical Pathways of Status Ascription. (Carlisle_2_1369990410.doc).

Laura Comeau - Snow variability and human ecodynamics in Norse Greenland . (Comeau_2_1371045891.doc).

Brian Damiata - A Protocol for Using Geophysical Methods to Detect Viking-Age Structures . (Damiata_2_1373308060.doc).

Céline Dupont-Hébert - What’s on the menu at Hjálmarvík? Preliminary results of zooarchaeological analysis of a coastal farm in Ţistilfjörđur, NE Iceland . (Dupont-Hebert_2_1372776182.doc).

Ragnar Edvardsson - On the Cod´s Tail. (Edvardsson_2_1370964012.docx).

Árni Einarsson - Graves, placenames and looters by Lake Myvatn.. (Akureyri_Einarsson_2_324235l.doc).

Árni Einarsson - Viking Age Walls, Animal Territories . (Akureyri_Einarsson_2_5689345.doc).

Véronique Forbes - Archaeoentomological analysis of midden samples from Svalbarđ and Hjálmarsvík, Ţistilfjörđur, NE-Iceland. (Forbes_2_234567.docx).

Véronique Forbes - Duck fleas as evidence for eiderdown production on archaeological sites. (Forbes_2_345678.docx).

Adolf Fridriksson - Á Helvegi - On The Road To Hel. (Fridriksson_2_1367675352.doc).

Steven Hartman - Inscribing Environmental Memory in the Icelandic Sagas. (Hartman_2_1373309270.pptx).

Elín Ósk Hreiđarsdóttir - Ruin Memories. (Hreiarsdottir_2_1372938445.doc).

Aaron Kendall - Barbuda Pedagogical Video Project. (Kendall_2_1369342999.docx).

Aaron Kendall - Viking Age trade in the North Atlantic: a comparative study of common artifacts from settlement sites in Iceland and Greenland. (Kendall_2_1369342959.docx).

Ingrid Mainland - ‘SmartFauna’: a microscale GIS-based multi-dimensional approach to faunal deposition at the Ness of Brodgar, Orkney. (Mainland_2_1372775423.docx).

Lukasz Mikolajczyk - Geoarchaeology as an aid to understanding human activity in the changing environment of coastal zones. (Mikolajczyk_2_1371804615.doc).

Dawn Elise Mooney - Getting from A to ‘Beyond’: the story of Icelandic boat burials as told through mineralised wood remains. (Mooney_2_1370640182.doc).

Konrad Smiarowski - Sustainable but Extinct? Changing Economic Strategies of the Medieval Norse Settlement in Greenland. (Smiarowski_2_1371496746.doc).

John Steinberg - Micro-regional pollen variability in Langholt, Skagafjörđur. (Steinberg_2_1371669763.doc).

Emily Woolfenden - Modelling Snow: snow, traditional human land use practices and the development of erosion . (Woolfenden_2_1372627205.doc).