Featured Projects Selected projects from the Index of the North Atlantic Biocultural Organisation http://www.nabohome.org/cgi-bin/xmlrss.pl NABO NABO http://www.google.no/search? q LŠkjargata... The archaeological remains of LŠkjargata (64.146270, -21.938554) in downtown ReykjavÝk were excavated by archaeologists from Fornleifastofnun ═slands ... http://www.nabohome.org/cgi-bin/explore.pl?seq=223 LŠkjargata Hegranes Zooarchaeology Projec... This project focuses on the zooarchaeology of Hegranes, in Skagafj÷r­ur. Partnered with the Skagafj÷r­ur Church and Settlement Survey (SCASS, http://b... http://www.nabohome.org/cgi-bin/explore.pl?seq=230 Iceland, zooarchaeology, marine adaptations, settlement patterns, abandonment Greenland - The Vatnahverfi Pr... The aim of the programme is to discuss landnam (landtaking) strategies and the later depopulation in the light of the interplay between the two econom... http://www.nabohome.org/cgi-bin/explore.pl?seq=17 Norse,Eastern,Settlement,Vatnahverfi,Settlement,Structure,Economy,Identity,Mobility,Communication