NSF sponsored Global Long Term Human Ecodynamics Conference
Eagle Hill, Maine.

October 15th-18th 2009

Hazards and Impacts

Humans have had profound impact on landscapes and seascapes for millennia, producing cases of genuine long term sustainability, serial unsustainability, "near miss" failures, and a disturbing number of "rape, ruin, and starve" scenarios in the management of resources. Some of the failures (and successes) in the long term have resulted from reaction to natural hazards (flood, fire, drought, erosion, volcanism, storminess, sea ice...) and many members of our group have considerable expertise in the study of such interactions. One of the core missions of the archaeology of global change and the value of the long term perspective for understanding modern and future human ecodynamics is to bring our understanding of such processes and connections to resource managers and the general public.

Chairs: Payson Sheets & Jago Cooper

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