Global Long Term Human Ecodynamics Conference

Eagle Hill Maine, October 15th-18th 2009

Recruitment and Support

Recruitment for the conference has taken place with collaboration by all concerned and much use of the NSF website to further identify major recent projects and contributors. We have worked to include younger as well as senior scholars and to include women and minority participants, and the Eagle Hill facility is fully handicap-friendly.

Thanks for sending in all of your biographies and PDF files and links.

Participants List
  Area Expertise Background/Readings
Jette Arneborg N Atl Arch, Isotop. Background/current work
Archaeological case study on ancient 'dirt' DNA (2009)
IPY Projects
Greenland AD 980-1450 (2008)
Resources, mobility, and cultural identity in Norse Greenland, Vatnahverfi Project
Kyle Bocinsky SW US Arch Background/current work
Doug BolenderN AtlArch
Richard CallaghanMultiMigration Background/current work
Ceramic age seafaring and interaction potential in the Antilles: a computer simulationk
Prehistoric trade between Ecuador and West Mexico: a computer simulation of coastal voyages
Magellan's Crossing of the Pacific
Comments on the Mainland Origins of the Preceramic Cultures of the Greater Antilles
On the Relative Isolation of a Micronesian Archipelago during the Historic Period: the Palau Case-Study
John ChristiansenMultiModelling Background/current work
A flexible object-based software framework for modeling complex systems with interacting natural and societal processes
The Distributed Integrated Ocean Prediction System (DIOPS)
FACET: A simulation software framework for modeling complex societal processes and interactions
Understanding Ancient Societies: A New Approach Using Agent-Based Holistic Modeling
Modeling Bronze Age Communities in Upper Mesopotamia
Simulation Systems for Exploring Socioecological Dynamics of Ancient and Modern Settlement Systems
Mike ChurchN AtlArchaeobot Background/current work
Palaeoeconomy at Undir Junkarinsfløtti, Sandoy, Faroe Islands
Charcoal production during the norse and Early Medieval periods in Eyjafjallahreppur, southern Iceland
Sourcing Fire Ash on Archaeological Sites in the Western and Northern Isles of Scotland, Using Mineral Magnetism
Historical Ecology on Sandoy, Faroe Islands: Palaeoenvironmental and Archaeological Perspectives
Peat initiation in the Faroe Islands: climate change, pedogenesis or human impact?
Environmental impacts of the Norse settlement: palaeoenvironmental data from Mývatnssveit, northern Iceland
Jago CooperCaribArch, climate Background/current work
Archaeology of Climate Change in the Caribbean
Alan CraigMultiVisualization Background/current work
Susan A. CrateArctic, RussiaAnthropology Background/current work
Diamonds and Vilyuy Sakha, Siberia (2002)
Viliui Sakha Post-Soviet Adaptation (2003)
Ohuokhai: Sakhas' Unique Integration of Social Meaning and Movement (2006)
Local Definitions of Sustainability in the Arctic: Insights from Post-Soviet Sakha Villages (2006)
Elder knowledge and sustainable livelihoods in Post-Soviet Russia (2006)
Cultural Implications of and Anthropology's Role(s) in Global Climate Change (2008)
Anthropology and Climate Change (2009)
Ronald DoelMultiHistory Background/current work
Dating the 1700 Cascadia Earthquake
Old images record landscape change through time
Ancient Indian Trail System, Using Computers!
History of Marine Animal Populations (HMAP)
The 14 August 1708 Manosque, France earthquake
People and land through time: linking land ecology and history
Andy DugmoreN AtlHum-Env. Tephra. Background/current work
Conceptual Models of 1200 years of Icelandic Soil Erosion Reconstructed Using Tephrochronology
Two millennia of glacier advances from southern Iceland dated by tephrochronology
Responses of mountain ice caps in central Iceland to Holocene climate change
Conceptual modelling of seafaring, climate and the early European exploration and settlement of the North Atlantic Islands
Ben FitzhughN PacificArch Background/current work
Archaeology in the Kuril Island (2002)
Hunter-Gatherer Information Networks (2008)
Archaeological Paleobiogeography in the Russian Far East (2004)
2006 Kuril Tsunami (2009)
Archaeological Kuril Islands' obsidian (2009)
Kuril biodiversity and biogeography (2003)
The Kuril Biocomplexity Project
Shari Gearheard ArcticTEK Background/current work
Matching Traditional and Scientific Observations to Detect Environmental Change
Adapting GPS for Nunavut hunters and environmental research
Sea Ice Thickness Measurements From a Community-Based Observing Network
Inuit climate change observations
ELOKA Arctic data management
Linking Inuit knowledge and meteorological station observations
George Hambrecht N AtlZooarch Improved cattle at early modern Skálholt, Iceland
Zooarchaeology and the Archaeology of Early Modern Iceland
Improved cattle at 18th century Skálholt, Iceland
Across the fish event horizon: a comparative approach
Martin Hebsgaard MultiDNA Background/current work
Suggested readings
Caroline HermansNE USEcol. Econ. Background/current work
John HoffeckerArcticClimate Background/current work
Upper Paleolithic Technology of Northern Eurasia (2005)
Middle/Upper Paleolithic transition in E. Europe
Spread of modern humans in Europe
William KeeganCaribArch
Christian KellerEuropeArch Background/current work
Norse Greenland: climate change and trade (2007)
Furs, Fish and Ivory (2008)
The Northern Frontier - N. Atlantic Farming (2009)
Lisa KennedyCaribPaleoecol Background/current work
Maize cultivation at La Selva, Costa Rica (1997)
Maize Cultivation 2700 B.P. at La Selva, Costa Rica (2001)
Fire/forest history from Valle de Bao, Dominican Republic (2006)
Pollen and Charcoal Record from La Selva, Costa Rica (2008)
Anna KerttulaArcticNSF Background/current work
Keith KintighSW USArch Background/current work
Tim KohlerSW USArch Background/current work
Historical Socionatural Systems and Models
Village Ecodynamics Project, Mesa Verde (2007)
Neolithic Demographic Transition in the U.S. Southwest (2008)
Settlement Ecodynamics Central Mesa Verde (2007)
Mesa Verde Migrations (2008)
Socorro LozanoMesoamClimate Background/current work
Pollen record from Iztaccíhuatl volcano, central Mexico (2005)
23,000 yr of vegetation history of the Upper Lerma, central Mexico (2005)
Iron mineral diagenesis in a tropical lake: Lago Verde, Los Tuxtlas, East-Central Mexico (2006)
Little Ice Age in the tropical lowlands of eastern Mesoamerica (2007)
Emily McClung de TapiaMesoamClimate Background/current work
Phytoliths of Soils and Paleosols in Teotihuacan Valley
Radiocarbon dates from soil profiles in Teotihuacan Valley (2005)
Late Quaternary environment change in the Teotihuacan Valley, spatial variability (2006)
Use of wood in prehispanic Teotihuacan (2008)
Graph to show human populations and climatic indicators through time
Valle de Teotihuacan maps, stratigraphy and photographs
Tom McGovernN AtlZooarch Background/current work
Archaeological excavations at Vatnsfjörðir 2003-4 (2005)
Viking Age wild resource use in Mývatn
Landscapes of Settlement in Northern Iceland
Ritual Decapitation and Display at The Viking Settlement of Hofstaðir,
Steve MrozowskiHist N AmArch Background/current work
Biological dimensions of historical archaeology
Reg MurphyCaribArch Background/current work
Nelson's Dockyard
Barbuda archaeological field school
Barbuda NABO reports
Peggy NelsonSW USArch. Model Background/current work
Social Transformation Prehispanic U.S. Southwest (2008)
Agave Cultivation, Faine Risk Pre-Hispanic N. Mexico (2008)
Irrigation infrastructure and vulnerability (2009)
Anthony NewtonN Atl, MesoamData, Volc, Tephra Background/current work
NABO Project Management System
VISQUE - Using Google Earth for Internet GIS
Tephrabase, a tephrochronological database
Tephrabase: tephrochronology and the development of a centralised European database
Lacustrine responses to tephra deposition, Mexico
Late Quaternary volcanic record from lakes of Michoacan, central Mexico
Astrid OgilvieN AtlEnv Hist Background/current work
The Little Ice Age: an Icelandic research perspective (2000)
Environmental Images of Nineteenth-Century Iceland from Official Letters (2007)
The Moravian missionaries at the Labrador coast and their contributions to meteorological observations (2008)
Seals and Sea Ice in Medieval Greenland (2009)
Bill PattersonMesoamClimate Background/current work
Jurassic otolith isotopes (1999)
Climate: Eocene/Oligocene extinctions (2000)
Climate change: late Holocene sagittal otiliths(2001)
isotope changes in Ad&eaccute;lie penguin eggshells (2007)
Lomagundi (2.22-2.1 Ga) carbon isotope excursion (2009)
Oxygen isotope, precipitation/surface waters, N. Central America (2009)
Tate PauletteMiddle E.Agri. Econ. Background/current work
Understanding Ancient Societies: A New Approach Using Agent-Based Holistic Modeling
Socio-ecological modeling: agricultural sustainability and strategies in northern Mesopotamia
Modeling Bronze Age Communities in Upper Mesopotamia
The model-based archaeology of socionatural systems
MASS PROJECT Publications
Sophia PerdikarisN Atl., CaribZooarch, Ed, Background/current work
Viking age economics and the origins of commercial cod fisheries in the North Atlantic
From chiefly provisioning to commercial fishery: long-term economic change in Arctic Norway
Freshwater and marine fish in inland sites in northern Iceland
Codfish and Kings, Seals and Subsistence [17MB]
Aevar Petersen N AtlCAFF Background/current work
Seabird harvest in the Arctic
Framework for a circumpolar arctic seabird monitoring network
Conservation of Arctic Flora and Fauna (CAFF) Program (2009)
Traditional seabird fowling in Iceland (2004)
Doug PriceMultiIsotopes Background/current work
South Scandinavian auroch and early cattle diets (2005)
Isotopic studies of Iceland's first settlers (2005)
Late Paleolithic North European reindeer (2008)
Jeff QuilterS AmArch Background/current work
Research details
Tradition and change in the Central Andes
Late preceramic Peru
Subsistence Economies and the Origins of Andean Complex Societies
Moche Politics, Religion, and Warfare
Magdalena de Cao Viejo Project Web Site
Elizabeth ReitzCarib, S AmZooarch Background/current work
Fishing Down The Food Web: A Case Study from St. Augustine, Florida
Marine trophic levels between AD 300 and 1500 on the Georgia coast, USA
Zooarchaeological Record of Prehispanic Fishing Strategies in the Georgia Bight, USA
Jeff RogersMultiClimate Background/current work
Persistent cold climatic episodes around Greenland and Baffin Island
The NAO in the recent northeastern Atlantic Arctic warming
Odden ice feature of the Greenland Sea
Dan SandweissS AmArch Background/current work
Mid-Holocene climate and culture change in coastal Peru (2007)
Climate, Catastrophe and Culture in the the ancient Americas (2008)
Environmental change and economic development in coastal Peru between 5,800 and 3,600 years ago (2009)
Payson SheetsAmericasVolc Impacts Background/current work
Volcanic Eruptions and Societal Resilience in Ancient M. America
Footpaths to Monumental Entrances in Ancient Costa Rica
Volcanic eruptions and persistent social memory
Volcanoes, people and cultures in the Zapotitan Valley, El Salvador
The Effects of Explosive Volcanism on Simple-to-Complex Societies in Ancient Middle America
Peter SchweitzerArctic, RussiaAnthro Background/current work
Levels of inequality North Pacific Rim: Cultural logics and regional interactions
Ian SimpsonN AtlGeoarch Background/current work
Human ecology and historical patterns of landscape degradation (2001)
Fuel resource utilisation in landscapes of settlement (2003)
Viking/Medieval transition: cultural soil and sediment analyses (2005)
Globalization of socio-ecological systems (2006)
Vulnerability, resilience and adaptation (2006)
Modeling Historic Rangeland Management/Grazing Pressures in Landscapes of Settlement (2007)
Modeled Assessment of Norse Home-Field Productivities (2008)
Kevin SmithIcelandArch Econ Background/current work
Landnám: the settlement of Iceland in archaeological and historical perspective
Iron production in Viking and Early Medieval Iecland
A North Atlantic Perspective on the Evolution of Complex Societies
The spirit of survival: cultural responses resource variability in North Alaska
Icelandic Norse fuel economy - poster
Michele SmithIcelandTextiles Gender Background/current work
Viking Age Mould-making techniques for Oval Brooches
Dressing the dead
Excavations at an Icelandic elite site, Gilsbakki 2008 - poster
Mike SmythMesoamArch Background/current work
Preclassic Center in Puuc Region, Xoch, Yucatan, Mexico (2008)
John SteinbergN AtlArch Background/current work
A Political Economy from Increasing Marginal Returns to Labor: An Example from Viking Age Iceland
Tina ThurstonN. EuropeArch Background/current work
Central and Local Intensification Strategies Across Variable Landscapes
The Archaeology of Subsistence Intensification, Innovation and Change
Heather TriggMultiArchaeobot Background/current work
Modeling population dynamics in 17th century New Mexico's Spanish society
Note on barley found in dung in the lowest levels of the farm mound midden at Reynistaður, Skagafjörður Iceland
Food choice and social identity in Early Colonial New Mexico
Shripad TuljapurkarOceaniaModels Background/current work
Risky Business: Temporal and Spatial Variation in Preindustrial Dryland Agriculture (2006)
Population and prehistory I: Food-dependent population growth in constant environments (2008)
Population and prehistory II: Space-limited human populations in constant environments (2008)
Population and prehistory III: Food-dependent demography in variable environments (2009)
Tiffany VanceArctic, N Pacific, Visual.Models Background/current work
Oceanographic models with GIS (2007)
GIS and fisheries
Particle tracking and GIS (2009)
Historians and GIS (2007)
General references
GIS in Historical Research
Jim WoollettArcticZooarch Background/current work
Palaeoecological Implications of Archaeological Seal Bone Assemblages: Case Studies from Labrador and Baffin Island
Labrador Inuit Subsistence in the Context of Environmental Change


Postgraduate Helpers
  Area Expertise Background/Readings
Cory LookCaribArch Background/current work
Barbuda Archaeology Field School
Colby PhillipsN. PacificArch Background/current work
Archaeological obsidian from the Kuril Islands
Kuril Island Social Network Analysis Methodology Note
Expanding the Use of Provenance Analysis in Human Ecodynamics Studies


Undergraduate Helpers
Marissa Gamliel
Reaksha Persaud
Jessica Vobornik