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Parent name: Gásir Hinterlands Project

Project Details

Abstract:Skuggi is an upland small sized farming site in Hörgárdalur, Eyjafjörđur and may have been a tenant farm in the earlier Middle Ages, as part of the Stađartunga landholdings. Stađardunga is assumed to have been connected to the medieval monastery at Möđruvellir, situated within 5 km of the medieval trading site at Gásir.

As at Oddstađir, several beads were found in 2009 and were analyzed by Elín Ó. Hreiđarsdóttir. This report and the finds analysis by Guđrún A. Gísladóttir et al. are part of the 2009 GHP Field Report.

The report of the 2008 and 2009 faunal analysis is

now available.

Sponsors/Funders: NSF
Project Start Year:2008
Projected End Year:2009

Account Owner

Contact: Ramona Harrison
Institution: Department of Archaeology, History, Cultural Studies and Religion, University of Bergen
Postal Address: Řysteinsgate 3, 5020 Bergen
Post Code: 5020

Project Collaborators

Name: Elín Ó. Hreiđarsdóttir
Institution: Institute of Archaeology, Iceland
Address: Bárugata 3 , Reykjavík
Postcode: 101
Country: Iceland
Name: Howell M. Roberts
Institution: Icelandic Institute of Archaeology, Iceland, FSÍ
Address: Bárugata 3, Reykjavík
Postcode: 101
Country: Iceland

Project Content

PDF File
Preliminary Field Report of the 2013 Skuggi and Stađartunga Excavations in Hörgárdalur, Eyjafjörđur [3.43 MB]
Investigations into the Gásir Hinterlands and Eyjafjörđur Human Ecodynamics: Preliminary Field Report of the 2013 Skuggi and Stađartunga Excavations in Hörgárdalur, Eyjafjörđur This is a preliminary report on the 2013 field season at Skuggi. The 2013 Skuggi midden and structural excavations are a continuation of work started there in 2008 and 2009. In a continued effort to investigate the long term Eyjafjörđur Human Ecodynamics, an international team cooperated in carrying out a program of survey, coring, and small scale test excavation on selected sites in the Eyjafjörđur region in North Iceland. This past season saw the team picking up from where they had left off after completion of the initial Gásir Hinterlands Project (GHP) which was part of a planned multi-season collaborative investigation of the hinterlands surrounding the medieval seasonal trading center at Gásir, partially funded by a NSF International Polar Year (IPY) grant (ARC 0732327), and largely made possibly by a NSF Dissertation Improvement Grant (ARC 0809033) to Harrison, and by Fornminjasjóđur (the Icelandic University Research Grant) to Roberts. Prior work at Gásir indicated that this medieval (ca. AD 1250 – 1400) trading center was provisioned from a wide economic catchment area and that investigations needed to be extended to include the surrounding landscape (e.g., Roberts 2009, 2010; Harrison 2010, 2013; Harrison et al. 2008, Vésteinsson 2011). Work conducted in 2013 was supported by a US NSF Comparative Island Ecodynamics Project (CIE) grant (ARC 1202692).

IMG_5000_Vlu.jpg Skuggi early medieval / Viking Age Structure [4.17 MB]
In 2013, we continued our midden excavation at Skuggi in Hörgárdalur. We emptied the underlying structure of all midden materials and collapse to find the outline and extent of the structure. We also dug a trench at the side of yet another structure on that site, presumably more recent in time. This trench revealed that between the 1300 H and 1104 H tephra layers, a landslide seems to have covered at least part of the site. Underneath yet another layer of what seems landslides was found. That layer was then covering midden materials. We are looking forward to finding out the story and connection between our structure, its abandonment, and the entire settlement history of the site.

PDF File
Skuggi in Hörgárdalur, N. Iceland: Preliminary report of the 2008/2009 archaeofauna. (Norsec Lab Report 50) [1.54 MB]
This NORSEC report provides information on the analyzed Skuggi archaeofauna from the 2008 and 2009 seasons of the GHP.

icon US Ambassador Arreaga visits Skuggi and Thelamerkurskoli
In June, the US ambassador to Iceland visited us at Skuggi and at Thelamerkurskoli with his family.

icon HERC North Atlantic - Eyjafjörđur Human Ecodynamics Project
Background information posted on the HERC North Atlantic blog. For more information, please follow the Skuggi and Siglunes links.

icon Skuggi - Field season 2013 - 1
Information on the early stages of the Skuggi field season in 2013.

Project Location

Latitude: 65.662381°N
Longitude: 18.479567°W