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Abstract:During the renovation of a house in central ReykjavÝk, called VaktarabŠr, it was considered necessary to monitor construction work to avoid damaging archaeology. Trenches were dug to evaluate the extent of cultural remains.
Project Start Year:2008
Projected End Year:2009

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Contact: Fornleifastofnun ═slands
Postal Address: Bßrugata 3, 101 ReykjavÝk, ICELAND
Post Code: 101
Telephone: 00354-5511033

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Fornleifak÷nnun ß Lˇ­ "VaktarabŠjar" vi­ Gar­astrŠti 23 [0.89 MB]
In relation to the renovation of VaktarabŠr, an old house in central ReykjavÝk, it was considered necessary to machine-dig a trench too see if any archaeology was present. Features were discovered soon and the trench cleaned and recorded: a paved surface of some sort and a coal-rich layer. Finds date to the 19th-20th centuries.

PDF File
Bj÷rgunaruppgr÷ftur ß lˇ­ VaktarabŠjar vi­ Gar­astrŠti Ý ReykjavÝk. Eftir [2.25 MB]
Excavation was required prior to the reconstruction of the house VaktarabŠr, orginially built in the mid 19th century, close to the center of ReykjavÝk underbneath and around the house down to a depth of 0,8 m. Several structural elements were revealed, some of which are associated with the house but others most likley belong to an earlier turf-house which is visible on a ReykjavÝk map from 1836. A part of a midden from that time was excavated but had been truncated by later remains.

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Latitude: 64.146076°N
Longitude: 21.946584°W