Heart of the Atlantic: cultural landscapes of Sandoy, Faroe Islands

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Parent Project Details
Parent Project Title:Heart of the Atlantic
Sub Projects: Social-ecological Resilience in the Viking-Age to Early-Medieval Faroe Islands
Undir Junkarinsfl°tti

Project Details

Title:Heart of the Atlantic: cultural landscapes of Sandoy, Faroe Islands
Abstract:This inter-disciplinary project investigates the changing cultural and natural landscapes on the island of Sandoy, from first settlement to modern time. Archaeological investigations are focusing on the extensive excavations at Undir Junkarinsfl÷tti, ┴ Sondum and Vid Kirkjard in the village of Sandur. Principle funding bodies: Anadarko (Faroes), Faroese Research Council (Faroes), Leverhulme Trust (UK) and National Science Foundation (US).

Sponsors/Funders: Leverhulme Trust
Faroes National Museum
Bradford University
Durham University
Country:Faroe Islands
Project Start Year:2003

Account Owner

Contact: Mike Church
Postal Address: Department of Archaeology

Durham University

Post Code: DH1 3LE
Email: m.j.church@durham.ac.uk

Project Collaborators

Name: Mike J. Church
Institution: Durham University
Address: Dept of Archaeology Durham University
Postcode: DH1 3LE
Country: UK
Email: m.j.church@durham.ac.uk
Name: Andrew Heald
Institution: AOC Scotland

Project extent

North East Coordinates: 61.92603°N, 6.57532°W
South West Coordinates: 61.73153°N, 6.98181°W