Pagan Burial Maps

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Project Details

Title:Pagan Burial Maps
Abstract:Maps of Pagan Burials in Iceland developed through arcgis software and uploaded on Google Earth.

In essence, the focus of this project was to create individual maps considerably zoomed in, showing not only the burials but also the landscape features surrounding each burial. The level of transparency of the maps is directly associated with Google Earth features so we can match their accuracy.

It has been argued that in the Viking Age the choice of a placement of a burial could be related to the landscape, e.g. near a river or a farm. The reasons could vary from burying an individual near water – perhaps seen as a liminal zone between the land of the living and the dead; or near a farm in order to mantain the connection between the living and the dead (R Maher 2003). In placing these maps onto the layout of Iceland, it may be possible to perceive the landscape features around the burials in a more comprehensive way and perhaps create theories about the supposed association with the landscape.

Sponsors/Funders: Rannis
Region:all over Iceland
Project Start Year:2011
Projected End Year:2011

Account Owner

Contact: Adriana Zugaiar
Institution: Haskoli Islands - University of Iceland
Postal Address: Flat 2b Telford Court, Streatham Hill


Post Code: SW2 4RH
Telephone: dricaz

Project Collaborators

Name: Adolf Fridriksson
Institution: FSI The Institute of Archaeology Iceland
Address: Barugarta 3, Reykjavik
Postcode: 101
Country: Iceland

Project Content

kmz File
Google Earth Overlay Burials [7.02 MB]
After submitting a proposal and subsequently being awarded a grant from Rannis (The Icelandic centre for research), the "Archaeology and Innovation in Tourism" project was born. The focus of the project was primarily the development of mapping in the field of archaeology in Iceland, using Arcgis software to create pagan burial maps and their surroundings. These maps were produced over a span time of 3 months and then uploaded on Google Earth matching its topography. After that, I created a link via NABO where a wide range of people can have access to them. This includes anyone interested in Icelandic history, since these maps display information about funerary rituals in the Viking Age through visual images.

Project Location

Latitude: 64.774125°N
Longitude: 19.160156°W