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Parent name: Gásir Hinterlands Project

Project Details

Abstract:The site of Oddstaðir farm ruins nowadays belong to the land owned by Öxnhóll farm, once a church farm.

The 2009 Midden excavation yielded well preserved animal bones and was sampled for environmental analyses.

Tephra analysis and C14 data may confirm an early medieval occupation and 17th Century abandonment of the site.

As at Skuggi, several beads were found in 2009 and were analyzed by Elín Ó. Hreiðarsdóttir. This report is part of the 2009 GHP Field Report.

A faunal report will be produced in 2010.

Sponsors/Funders: NSF
Project Start Year:2009
Projected End Year:2009

Account Owner

Contact: Ramona Harrison
Institution: Department of Archaeology, History, Cultural Studies and Religion, University of Bergen
Postal Address: Øysteinsgate 3, 5020 Bergen
Post Code: 5020
Email: Ramona.Harrison@uib.no

Project Collaborators

Name: Elín Ó. Hreiðarsdóttir
Institution: Institute of Archaeology, Iceland
Address: Bárugata 3 , Reykjavík
Postcode: 101
Country: Iceland
Email: elin@instarch.is
Website: http://www.instarch.is/instarch/english/
Name: Howell M. Roberts
Institution: Icelandic Institute of Archaeology, Iceland, FSÍ
Address: Bárugata 3, Reykjavík
Postcode: 101
Country: Iceland
Email: howell@instarch.is
Website: http://www.instarch.is

Project Content

PDF File
Oddstaðir in Hörgárdalur, N. Iceland: Report of the 2009 Archaeofauna [1.74 MB]
This report presents preliminary zooarchaeological results from the Viking Age and medieval midden deposits at the Oddstaðir farm ruins. Beyond providing a long term chronology on site management and farm economy, this site has produced faunal remains dating from the 13th to the late 14th c., contemporaneous with those found at the Gásir trading site and also those from the medieval monastic estate at Möðruvellir. The Oddstaðir ruins are found on land that has for several centuries belonged to the Öxnhóll farm. Öxnhóll owned a parish church until the 16th c. After an extensive coring survey for potential medieval midden deposits turned out successful in the summer of 2009, a test trench was placed into the most promising midden area, providing the excavation team with a sizeable sample of environmental and some material remains. A representative sample of the collected faunal remains has been analyzed to gain a general idea of midden formation processes, site economy and changes thereof observed from different midden phases. Cultural deposits available for faunal analysis span an occupation period from ca. the late 9th to the late 14th c. AD.

Project Location

Latitude: 65.67695°N
Longitude: 18.485117°W