Snow modelling Skaftártunga

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Parent name: Snow Modelling Iceland

Project Details

Title:Snow modelling Skaftártunga
Abstract:This is the southern Iceland field site for the snow modelling in Iceland project. Fieldwork in March 2014 collected measurements of snow depth and density at the farms of Hrifunes and Búland.

These measurements along with LANDSAT imagery is used to calibrate a process based snow model for the region. This model will be run under different climatic scenarios to simulate the changes in snow cover and duration from the Medieval Climate Anomaly through the Little Ice Age.

Keywords:Comparative Island Ecodynamics, snow, Little Ice Age
Sponsors/Funders: NSF
Project Start Year:2014
Projected End Year:2016

Account Owner

Contact: Richard Streeter
Institution: University of St Andrews
Postal Address: Institute of Geography and Sustainable Development

Irvine Building

St Andrews

Post Code: KY16 9AL

Project Location

Latitude: 63.642721°N
Longitude: 18.514786°W