Palaeoanthropocene in Iceland

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Project Details

Title:Palaeoanthropocene in Iceland
Abstract:This project used published and new records of vegetation change and soil erosion from all of Iceland to look at the timing, extent and rate of change in natural systems at Landnám. This dataset was used to investigate the what extent it was possible to distinguish a distinct \'anthropocene\' in Iceland, based on these records alone.
Keywords:Comparative Island Ecodynamics, anthropocene, pollen, tephra, soil erosion, Landnám
Sponsors/Funders: NSF
Project Start Year:2014
Projected End Year:2015

Account Owner

Contact: Richard Streeter
Institution: University of St Andrews
Postal Address: Institute of Geography and Sustainable Development

Irvine Building

St Andrews

Post Code: KY16 9AL

Project Collaborators

Name: Andrew Dugmore
Institution: Institute of Geography, School of GeoSciences
Address: Drummond Street, Edinburgh
Postcode: EH8 9XP
Country: Scotland, UK
Phone: + 44 (0)131 650 8156
Name: Ian Lawson
Institution: School of Geography, University of Leeds
Address: Leeds
Postcode: LS2 9JT
Country: UK
Phone: +44 (0)113 34 36833

Project Content

icon The Onset of the palaeoanthropocene in Iceland: Changes in complex natural systems
Paper published in The Holocene in 2015

Project extent

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