Zooarchaeology of the Skagafjörður Archaeological Settlement Survey (SASS)

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Project Details

Title:Zooarchaeology of the Skagafjörður Archaeological Settlement Survey (SASS)
Abstract:The Skagafjörður Archaeological Settlement Survey (SASS) examined the settlement pattern of Langholt, Skagafjörður, northern Iceland. Later creation of smaller farms through subdivision of larger, earlier settlements seems to have aided in the creation of social inequality in the late Norse and Medieval periods. For more information, see the SASS website (blogs.umb.edu/sass/) or contact Principle Investigators John Steinberg and Douglas Bolender.

The zooarchaeological analysis is being done at Hunter College and will provide more data for the project as a whole while also addressing other questions of interest. Current research topics include the exploration of status, wealth, and social inequality through food remains.

Keywords:zooarchaeology, Skagafjörður
Project Start Year:2007

Account Owner

Contact: Grace Cesario
Institution: The Graduate Center, CUNY
Postal Address: 695 Park Avenue
Post Code: 10065
Website: https://gc-cuny.academia.edu/GraceCesario
Email: grace.cesario@gmail.com

Project Content

PDF File
Skagafjörður Archaeological Settlement Survey, 2008 Excavations. The Archaeofauna of Stóra - Seyla Area C and Area D [8.73 MB]
This is a report on the archaeofauna from the 2008 excavations at Stóra-Seyla

Project extent

North East Coordinates: 65.791°N, 19.253°W
South West Coordinates: 65.457°N, 19.67°W