Pagan burial in Žverį

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Title:Pagan burial in Žverį
Abstract:The aim of this project was to investigate a site where bones, believed to derive from a pagan burial, had been found in a gravel mine.
Project Start Year:1999
Projected End Year:1999

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Contact: Fornleifastofnun Ķslands
Postal Address: Bįrugata 3, 101 Reykjavķk, ICELAND
Post Code: 101
Telephone: 00354-5511033

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Kuml aš Žverį ķ Laxįrdal, Teykdęlahreppi, Sušur-Žingeyarslu [0.16 MB]
Human and horse bones were discovered in a gravel mine in the land of Žverį, Laxįrdalur (S-Žing), first in 1945 and again in 1985. The site was investigated on the surface in 1999 but no further bones or finds were found. The alleged grave could have been destroyed completely but this could only be verified with excavation.

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