Bangasta­ir og Valadalur

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Title:Bangasta­ir og Valadalur
Abstract:Archaeological assessment took place at two sites in Tj÷rnes which were threatened by imminent roadworks.
Project Start Year:2002
Projected End Year:2002

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Contact: Fornleifastofnun ═slands
Postal Address: Bßrugata 3, 101 ReykjavÝk, ICELAND
Post Code: 101
Telephone: 00354-5511033

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Fornleifarannsˇknir ß tˇft ß Bangast÷­um og gar­lagi Ý Valadal ß Tj÷rnesi 2002 [0.48 MB]
A research was undertaken in advance of construction work, namely the building of a new road in Tj÷rnes, NE-Icland. Prior to this archaeological survey had taken place and revealed two sites that the National Heritage Agency wanted excavated before the construction work started. The project was twofold: A small ruin was partly excavated and an earthwork, serving as a boundary marker between properties was trenched. The ruin was not previously known from written sources. It is clearly later than the 1477 tephra as it can be seen within the building turf and most likely it dates to the 16th-17th centuries judging from soil accumulation. The function of the ruin is not clear but it was considered most likely to be a sheep-fold of some sort, possibly related to a nearby stekkur, which was used to seperate lambs and ewes in the spring. The boundary was clearly built after the deposition of the landnßm tephra but fell out of use long before 1300 as it is sealed by a tephra deposited that year.

Project Location

Latitude: 66.169297°N
Longitude: 16.990763°W