A system of earthworks in S-Şingeyjarsısla

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Title:A system of earthworks in S-Şingeyjarsısla
Abstract:This project aims to map and investigate an extensive system of medieval earthworks in S-Şingeyjarsısla. The project consists of extensive surveys, mapping and excavation. Only the excavation reports are presented here.
Project Start Year:2004
Projected End Year:2007

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Contact: Fornleifastofnun Íslands
Postal Address: Bárugata 3, 101 Reykjavík, ICELAND
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Telephone: 00354-5511033
Website: http://www.instarch.is
Email: fsi@instarch.is

Project Content

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A system of earthworks in north-east Iceland - Interim Report 2005 [2.92 MB]
2005 was the second year of the project. The main component of 2005 was fieldwork. Fifteen boundaries were excavated, recorded and their tephra deposits analysed. As a result several all the excavated boundaries were dated and their construction and site formation processes were recorded. Most of them can be dated to post 870 - pre 1158 or 1300, based on tephra. A few have a post date of 1477 and one was clearly not erected until after 950. The modern homefield boundary of Narfastağir was not built until after the deposition of the 1717 tephra and an older wall was not visible underneath.

PDF File
A system of earthworks in north-east Iceland - Interim Report 2006 [23.45 MB]
2006 was the third year of the project which aims to map and investigate an extensive system of earthworks in S-Şingeyjarsısla. In addition to mapping eleven boundaries were excavated and recorded of which seven were examined by a tephra specialist and others also had clear tephras for dating. All postdate the landnám tephra from ca. 871 AD and one postdates the 1300 tephra. Five predate 1158, four predate 1300 and two predate 1477. So far a total of 26 trenches have been excavated.

icon Fornleifarannsóknir í S-Şingeyjarsıslu 2006
This report contains results of investigations carried out in coopperation with Hiğ şingeyska fornleifafélag (The Archaeological society in Şingeyjarsısla) in 2006. 1. Excavation in Litlu-Núpar continued. Three trenches were excavated. Two of them were dug into oblong ruins which both postdate the 950 tephra and had fallen out of use long before the 1477 tephra was deposited. Neither seems to be a dwelling. The third trench was in a smaller ruin, possibly still in use after a tephra from 1104/1158 was deposited. This was interpretded as a possible barn. 2) Investigations started in an alleged assembly site in Skuldaşingsey, adjacant to another well known assembly site in Şingey, previously test trenched. Two fourths of a ruin, interpreted as a probable booth (temporary structure) were excavated. It postdates tephra from 950 AD but fell out of use long before 1477. 3) A survey was continued in the deserted valley of Şegjandadalur. 4) Boundaries in Narfastağir were trenched two places in connection with a project about an extensive system of medieval earthworks. One was dated to 871-1158 and another to 1300-1477.

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