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Project Title: Hofstašir in Žorskafjöršur
Permalink: https://www.nabohome.org/cgi-bin/explore.pl?seq=92
Country: Iceland
Description: The preliminary excavation in Hofstašir, Žorskafjöršur, aimed to shed light on ruins in the homefield often related to pagan activites. ...[More]
Project Title: Hringsdalur
Permalink: https://www.nabohome.org/cgi-bin/explore.pl?seq=99
Country: Iceland
Description: In 2006 human bones were found eroding in Hringsdalur W-Iceland. An excavation was conducted and two pagan burials uncovered....[More]
Project Title: Kįlfsskinn, Eyjafirši
Permalink: https://www.nabohome.org/cgi-bin/explore.pl?seq=97
Country: Iceland
Description: In 2003 a few sites in Kįlfskinn, Eyjafjöršur, had been surveyed and identified as possible pagan burials. In 2005 two of those were tested by opening trenches across each concentrations of stones. ...[More]
Project Title: Lyngbrekka
Permalink: https://www.nabohome.org/cgi-bin/explore.pl?seq=98
Country: Iceland
Description: In 2003-2005 investigations took place in Lyngbrekka, earlier known as Gömlu-Dašastašir in Reykjadalur, S-Žing. The aim was to see if folklore and place names could be used as reliable sources to locate pagan burials. ...[More]
Project Title: Pagan burial in Žverį
Permalink: https://www.nabohome.org/cgi-bin/explore.pl?seq=49
Country: Iceland
Description: The aim of this project was to investigate a site where bones, believed to derive from a pagan burial, had been found in a gravel mine....[More]
Project Title: Pagan Burial Maps
Permalink: https://www.nabohome.org/cgi-bin/explore.pl?seq=155
Country: Iceland
Region: all over Iceland
Description: Maps of Pagan Burials in Iceland developed through arcgis software and uploaded on Google Earth. In essence, the focus of this project was to create individual maps considerably zoomed in, showing not only the burials but also the landscape features...[More]
Keywords: burials,maps,pagan
Project Title: Pagan burials
Pagan burials
Permalink: https://www.nabohome.org/cgi-bin/explore.pl?seq=70
Country: Iceland
Description: Although many pagan graves have been found in Iceland, organised search for such sites has hitherto not been conducted and most have been found by coincidence. In some cases bones and artefacts have been picked up without the site being investigated...[More]
Project Title: Žegjandadalur
Permalink: https://www.nabohome.org/cgi-bin/explore.pl?seq=110
Country: Iceland
Description: Several settlement remains are visible in Žegjandadalur, S-Žingeyjarsżsla, which is believed to have been abandoned in the 15th century. The current project aims to do limited excavation to acquire dating evidence for both the establishment of settl...[More]