The Traffic Light System

The traffic light system is used to alert users to the quality of their record currently help in our database. Each project is given a rating based on how much information we hold on it. The traffic lights system Does Not represent an indication of the quality of an individual project. The traffic lights system is an automated system which tests each record for completeness. Any record can achieve a green traffic light through provision of adequate amounts of information. The North Atlantic Biocultural Organisation does not suggest that any project is of greater or lesser quality than others in the registry, only that the record itself requires some additional information to be considered complete.

  • Excellent Projects


    A green traffic light is used to symbolise an excellent project record. Projects which have this symbol require little additional work other than to keep them up to date with recent developments in the project.

  • Good Projects


    An orange traffic light is used to symbolise good project records. Although these records are good, they require a small amount of additional information before they will be classed as excellent project records.

  • Projects which require additional information


    A red traffic light is used to symbolise project records which require additional work. These records contain only the minimum information required to enter a project into the registry and do not give enough information to be of use to users of the NABO PMS.