Featured Projects Selected projects from the Index of the North Atlantic Biocultural Organisation http://www.nabohome.org/cgi-bin/xmlrss.pl NABO NABO http://www.google.no/search? q Investigations of the Long Ter... This international, cross-disciplinary NSF-funded project focuses on change, the environment, and sustainability in Iceland during the period ca. AD 1... http://www.nabohome.org/cgi-bin/explore.pl?seq=226 Mżvatn, Iceland, hay, grazing, fodder, climate, ecodynamics, economy, resiliance, sustainability, Žegjandadalur... Several settlement remains are visible in Žegjandadalur, S-Žingeyjarsżsla, which is believed to have been abandoned in the 15th century. The current ... http://www.nabohome.org/cgi-bin/explore.pl?seq=110 Reykir in Ólafsfjöršur... An archeological investigation was conducted in Reykir in Ólafsfjöršur in advance of construction plans. Three ruins were fully excavated, a trench e... http://www.nabohome.org/cgi-bin/explore.pl?seq=76