Rousay, Orkney: Nabo Fieldschool

Orkney Gateway to the Atlantic (2011)

Digging for Britain Video. Steve Dockrill and Julie Bond introduce the Orkney Gateway to the Atlantic project:

Further video diaries on archaeology at Rousay and elsewhere can be found at the Digging for Britain YouTube Channel.

Photographs from the 2011 Fieldschool

Photographs of 2011's excavation taken by Steve Dockrill:

Fieldschool Details

Arrive on Rousay June 22rd
Depart Rousay July 21st

No. of Students: 10 probably 5 CUNY / 5 AGES, Bradford places dependant on application and gender mix for the accommodation.

Location: Rousay, Orkney

Cost: Your Travel to Rousay plus fee £1,280 for the four weeks on the island (£320 per week) Inclusive of:

  • Accommodation (on Rousay only)
  • Food
  • Transport
  • Equipment
  • Supervision
  • Visits.

Please note, you will be responsible for transport costs to Orkney and any accommodation required on Mainland, Orkney.

Open Day

Learning Aims

  • the development of the students practical skills in excavation/survey techniques and methodologies.
  • to enable the student to assess, at Zirst hand, the nature of archaeological deposits and Zield monuments.
  • to give the student experience in viewing the archaeological record at intra site, site, and inter site level.
  • The Zield training will be supported by a programme of Zield trips and lectures.

Further details in the form a PDF file can be downloaded here