NABO Postgraduates

Training graduate students is one of the core activities of NABO. Masters and PhD programmes in the institutions involved in NABO have, and are, producing the next generation of researchers. These students play a fundamental role and often lead research projects and excavations and these pages will highlight the work of both past and present postgraduate students. Include access to disserations and theses, which often contain a wealth of information which rarely makes into academic journal articles. We also plan to profile students and allow them to describe and explain their research. If you have any other ideas please let us know.

Theses and Dissertations

Dissertations and theses produced by graduate students are usually only accessible via the libraries of the institutions they graduated from, but with the consent of individuals we plan to make some available on the NABO website. Please email Anthony Newton if you have a thesis you would to be made available on the NABO website. It may be that your thesis is already available online and if it is, please let us have the link.

Available online

Rebecca Barclay (1999) Formation, cultural use and management of Icelandic wet meadows – a palaeoenvironmental interpretation. University of Stirling, Unpublished PhD thesis. 251 pp.

Nikola Trbojevic (2016) The Impact of Settlement on Woodland Resources in Viking Age Iceland. University of Iceland, Unpublished PhD thesis. 261 pp. Access here.

Christian Koch Madsen (2014) Pastoral Settlement, Farming, and Hierarchy in Norse Vatnahverfi, South Greenland. University of Copenhagen, Unpublished PhD thesis. 440 pp. Access here.

Ramona Harrison (2013) World systems and human ecodynamics in medieval Eyjafjorthur, north Iceland : Gasir and its hinterlands. City University of New York. Unpublished PhD thesis. 486 pp. Access here.

Adolf Friðriksson (2013) La Place du Mort. Les tombes vikings dans le paysage culturel islandais [The Place of the Dead. Viking Pagan Burial in Icelandic Cultural Landscape]. L'Université Paris-Sorbonne, Unpublished PhD thesis. 604 pp. Access here.

Richard Streeter (2012) Tephrochronology, landscape and population: impacts of plague on medieval Iceland. The University of Edinburgh, Unpublished PhD Thesis. 244 pp. Access here.

Brenda Prehal (2011) Freyja’s Cats: Perspectives on Recent Viking Age Finds in Þegjandadalur North Iceland. Hunter College of the City University of New York, Unpublished Master of Arts Thesis. 105 pp. Access here

Jennifer Brown (2010) Human responses, resilience and vulnerability: An interdisciplinary approach to understanding past farm success and failure in Mývatnssveit, northern Iceland. University of Stirling, Unpublished PhD Thesis. 473 pp. Access here

Andrew Henry (2009) Using Google Earth for Internet GIS. University of Edinburgh, Unpublished MSc in Geographical Information Science Thesis (Research Paper). 24 pp. Access here.

Ruth Ann Maher (2009) Landscapes of Life and Death: Social Dimensions of a Perceived Landscape in Viking Age Iceland. The City University of New York, Unpublished PhD Thesis. 418 pp. Access here.

Colin P. Amundsen (2008) Culture Contact, Ethnicity and Food Practices of Coastal Finnmark, Norway (1200 to 1600 A.D.). The City University of New York, Unpublished PhD Thesis. 473 pp. Access here.

Inge Knudsen (2007) Landnams in the west: The export of the Norwegian central farm model to the landnam societies in the Faroe Island, Iceland and Greenland. University of Oslo, Unpublished Masters Thesis. 117 pp [Norwegian]. Access here.

Kerry-Anne Mairs (2007) Islands and human impact: Under what circumstances do people put unsustainable demands on island environments? Evidence from the North Atlantic. University of Edinburgh, Unpublished PhD Thesis. 398 pp. Access here.

Eileen Colligan (2006) Newfoundland Dorset Endblades: Measuring Regional Variation. Hunter College, City University of New York, Unpublished Masters thesis. 206 pp. Access here. Access here.

Amanda Thomson (2003) A modelling approach to farm management and vegetation degradation in pre-modern Iceland. PhD Thesis, University of Stirling, Stirling, 301 pp. Access here.

Anthony Newton (1999) Ocean-transported pumice in the North Atlantic. University of Edinburgh, Unpublished PhD thesis. 414 pp.

Christian Keller (1989) The Eastern Settlement Reconsidered. Some analyses of Norse Medieval Greenland. University of Oslo, Unpublished PhD Thesis, 372 pp. Access here.