Hrísheimar: Fish Consumption Patterns

The abstract and the PDF file have been kindly provided by Wendi Coleman who retains copyright. Wendi can be contacted by email.

Wendi K. Coleman (2019) Hrísheimar: Fish Consumption Patterns. Hunter College of the City University of New York, Unpublished MA Thesis. 60 pp.


In this thesis, I examine the fish remain patterns at Hrísheimar, which have provided archaeologists with further evidence that inland sites such as those in the Mývatnssveit Region utilized both local freshwater and marine fish from the coastal regions as a part of their subsistence pattern. This faunal evidence continues the discussion of recent zooarchaeological evidence in reexamining and altering the traditional model of settlement of Iceland. This thesis shows that inland sites were settled early and utilized both marine and freshwater fish resources throughout the span of the settlement. It also examines whether iron production at Hrísheimar caused any unique patterns of fish usage in relation to other less specialized sites in the Mývatnssveit Region.

Thesis (PDF file)