Fragments Form

Taxinomically Challenging Fragments Form

This form is a multi-purpose form intended to allow you to record : 

  1. Site context information (top rows).
  2. Longer comments about the bag (context) as a whole. Are there many burned bones? Small fragments? One or more artifacts? Worked bone? Unicorns? 
  3. Flora - bits of wood charcoal- you can note these as "present".
  4. Mollusca- count valves and other frags separately.
  5. Fish- separate gadid from salmonid, vertebra from cranial and spine if possible. If stuck, use "Other fish, Other".
  6. Other species - indicate what in comments.
  7. Birds- put a count of bird bones in the "other" column.

  8. Enter species, bone, end and reference # (from the main sheet) and then use the columns to enter the Von den Dreisch metrics for the element you have. Use comments as needed. Preferred order: Bp,SD, GL, Bd
    NB: please mark the bone with the full site context information and the reference number (as HST97 G 6b 217/470 124).

  9. Using the Grant Stages of wear (Levine for the horses) record the tooth rows. Please mark the tooth rows with the full site context information and reference number.