A visual guide to the Identification of Avian Osteological Remains Manual No. B1 - Gavia stellata February 1999

by Sophia Perdikaris (Zooarchaeology Laboratory, Dept of Anthropology, Brooklyn College of the City University of New York)

Thomas H. McGovern, Scientific Consultant (Hunter College, Dept. of Anthropology, Bioarchaeology Laboratory)

Red Throated Diver

Development Notes

This is the first in a series of digital osteological manuals being produced by the NABO Zooarchaeology Working Group and the International Congress of Archaeozoologists (ICAZ). The first few manuals are liable to change as we develop of ideas, this manual for example lacks captions for the images. Please feel free to comment on these. The intent is to produce a series of images of North Atlatic taxa regularly found in archaeofauna that can be downloaded, re-arranged, and re-formatted to suit particular researcher's needs and hardware. We will eventually produce both an on-line version on the NABO website and as a series of CD R products. While no osteological manual is an effective substitute for a complete osteological reference collection, we hope that these images will allow workers to eliminate possible taxa, narrow searches, and provide a convenient scratch pad for their own notes and annotations (we would be interested in aiding in dissemination of your additions, corrections, and annotations). This posting is a trial version and later efforts will have more text and somewhat more professional images. YOUR contributions are most welcome and will be fully acknowledged in later versions.

Technical Notes

These images are direct scans from an HP 6200cse scanner. Small bones and artifacts that do not require great depth of field to produce good scans, for dark background leave the scanner cover up. Please cite any published use as; “ NABO WEBBONE Osteological Archive.