This is a rather simple-minded spreadsheet model (orginally Q Pro, now MS Excel) attempting to put together as many roughly quantifiable factors affecting herding and community economic decisions on the scale of the Icelandic hreppur (15-25 farm community) as makes any sense. It was developed for Greenland, making use of the archaeofauna and architectural data available as of 1995. These data are used as crude control points to bound model variables and give a sense of the possibility of different options available (or not likely) under different. levels of pasture productivity and animal stocking levels for farms of different scale ranging from the episcopal "super farm" to the tiny poor man's farm like V48. A major objective was to see how variation in production could impact farm households of different sizes differently (rain falls more on some than others).

This is freeware, copy and modify as you like, please cite if you use in publication, and do keep me up on all your clever improvements and upgrades (much needed).

Citation for publication:
McGovern, Thomas H. 2006 Farmpact 06, computer program in Excel, available from Hunter Bioarchaeology Lab 695 Park Ave. NYC

Tom McGovern