Hreiðar Karlsson Memorial Student Travel Award

Hreiğar Karlsson Hreiðar Karlsson was born in Þingeyjarsýsla, Northern Iceland on 16. December 1944. Hreiðar was brought up at Narfastaðir in Reykjadalur and later moved to Húsavík where he lived until his death in the autumn of 2009.

Hreiðar was an accountant at the local co-op, Kaupfélag Þingeyinga, in Húsavik 1967-1977, the CEO of the co-op from 1980 - 1994, the CEO of Meat producers association from 1994-2003 as well as independent accountant from 1996 to his death.

Hreiðar was active in the community all his life, a member of Rotary club and of the church chorus in Húsavík. He was an adept angler and member of the angling club in Húsavík, and dedicated to preserving and recording the natural and cultural heritage of ingeyjarsýsla. He was a skillful composer of poetry and was always very quick to put together a short ditty for all kinds of occasions.

Hreiðar was one of the founders of The Thingey Archaeology Society in 2004 and active member of the board to his death. As well as founder, his was one of the foundations of the society, well known and well regarded in the community. Hreiðar also had interest in new approaches to the preservation of local heritage and 2002 with Unnsteinn Ingason, he started recording the 270 place names with GPS in the land of Narfastaðir farm, where Hreiðar was born. When Hreiðar died, 45 place names were left which sadly will not be gathered as no one is now alive who knows the way to those places. He is much missed by friends and family, but we hope that this commemorative student travel fellowship will serve to carry on the work he began so well.
Unnsteinn Ingason 2009

"Cattle die, kinsmen die, every man is mortal, but a good name lives forever."

Hreiðar Karlsson Student Awards 2009 (NABO International Polar Year Project)

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