VISQUE (VISualise and Query Using Earth) was created in 2009 by Andy Henry as part of his MSc in GIS at the School of GeoSciences, University of Edinburgh (Read his Research Paper). The goal was to show the potential of using Google Earth for Internet GIS applications. A variety of datasets from the Mývatnssveit area of NE Iceland were employed to demonstrate this. Vector and attribute data have been effectively represented and visualised using Google Earth. Custom spatial and temporal query functions have been added to Google Earth without the need of specialist GIS software.

The historical and modelled datasets from the Mývatnssveit area are brought together for the first time. Details on the sources of the data are provided below. This is proof of concept and is a demonstration that it is possible to combine a variety of datasets and visualise and query them in Google Earth. We intend to develop this in the future into a full working system, with full explanatory information. Any comments are much appreciated.

Searching will produce a KML file which can be viewed in Google Earth (version 5 or above).

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Farm locations were supplied by Oscar Aldred from FSÍ, Reykjavík, Iceland. Farm boundaries are from the Land Registry of Iceland.

Environmental data:

Soil data is from the National Snow and Ice Data Center (Soil Map of Iceland). Modelled vegetation, growing season and snow covered was supplied by Andy Casely (University of Edinburgh). Hofstaðir vegetation data are from Amanda Thompson (Stirling University). Natural Resources are from the 1712 Jarðabók.

Historical data:

The Historical data is largely from the 1712 Jarðabók and modelled data from FARMPACT.