International Congress of Archaeozoology


NABO is a regional working group of ICAZ (International Congress of Archaeozoology) and fully supports the ICAZ mission. As an ICAZ WG NABO has worked to develop the NABONE recording system, the FISHBONE digital fish osteology manual, and is currently working with ICAZ Bird remains working group and STERNA to develop a digital North Atlantic bird osteology manual. NABO works to connect N Atlantic researchers to ICAZ and to represent ICAZ in regional international initiatives such as the recent International Polar Year project. All NABO zooarchaeologists are urged to also join the ICAZ association and make use of the excellent resources available through the ICAZ website.

The 2010 ICAZ International Conference was held in Paris, France from August 23-28, 2010. The conference focused on the three themes of (1) Archaeozoology in Central and Eastern Europe, (2) Palaeolithic Archaeozoology and (3) the History of Archaeozoology; however, papers and posters on many other topics were also presented. Further details are available here.