NSF sponsored Global Long Term Human Ecodynamics Conference
Eagle Hill, Maine.

October 15th-18th 2009

Ecodynamics of Modernity (c 1300 - 2000 CE)

Many participants have made articulate calls for the better integration of the rich historical, archaeological, and environmental record of the 4 complex dynamics of the creation of the modern world over the past 500-700 years. Guns, ships, germs, monsoons, ENSO, "little ice age", volcanism, mass migration, translocation of plants, animals, and economies all have shaped the world we now inhabit and have built the stage on which current and future human ecodynamics plays will be produced. While environmental historians have actively explored the complex ecodynamics behind these historic processes archaeologists and natural scientists can certainly contribute far more than we have to our collective understanding.

Chairs: Steve Mrozowski & Jim Woollett

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