NABO Copyright Policy

The main aim of the NABO website is to share information about the research being carried out throughout this varied and fascinating region. Researchers have kindly provided a wealth of material and it is important that this is used correctly and their generosity is not abused. By using the NABO website you are agreeing to the following:

  • All of the material on the NABO website is protected by copyright.
  • Copyright holders are identified as being the authors of reports, papers and theses or account holders and/or collaborators of material stored in the NABO Content Management and VISQUE systems, as well as the NABO website.
  • Permission is granted to use or reproduce, in whole or in part, the content of the NABO website for not-for-profit teaching and research, as long as the copyright owners are identified. If you wish to use material for other uses permission must be sought.
  • Sometimes specific permission may be required to use material from this website, this will be clearly stated and permission must be gained.
  • The NABO website should be cited as the source of material used from this server.