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Abstract:A site close to Arnórsstaðamúli, E-Iceland, was threatened by imminent roadworks and a preliminary excavation demanded by the National Heritage Agency.
Project Start Year:2006
Projected End Year:2006

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Contact: Fornleifastofnun Íslands
Postal Address: Bárugata 3, 101 Reykjavík, ICELAND
Post Code: 101
Telephone: 00354-5511033

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Fornleifakönnun vegna vegaframkvæmda við Arnórsstaðamúla [1.80 MB]
Test trenches were excavated in ruins close to a planned road. The aim was to acquire dating evidence and see if older phases were present. The structure was an enclosure of some sort with smaller buildings, one of them possibly a sheephouse, attached to it. Walls clearly postdate tephra deposited in 1875 an no earlier phases were seen.

Project Location

Latitude: 65.278438°N
Longitude: 15.187411°W