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Abstract:In advance of road construction planning five trenches were excavated close to the old farm mound and graveyard in Laugarnes, Reykjavík, to verify the limits of the archaeology.
Project Start Year:2005
Projected End Year:2005

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Contact: Fornleifastofnun Íslands
Postal Address: Bárugata 3, 101 Reykjavík, ICELAND
Post Code: 101
Telephone: 00354-5511033

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Fornleifakönnun í Laugarnesi [0.87 MB]
One trench revealed the remains of a turf wall around the graveyard, post-dating 1500, lying further to the north than the one visible on the surface. Another trench showed evidence of agricultural activity within the homefield and yet another one revealed midden layers, heavily truncated by 20th century pipelines.

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Latitude: 64.151969°N
Longitude: 21.88442°W