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Parent name: Barbuda Historical Ecology Project

Project Details

Abstract:Excavation of this early Saladoid site has been ongoing since 2008. What began as a salvaging effort to rescue midden deposits being eroded away by the sea has evolved into an open-area excavation of a large settlement. The 2011 excavation, aimed at retrieval of prehistoric cultural remains and student training, has been one component of a broader BHEP effort investigating human/environment interactions on the island of Barbuda and seeking to define the island’s place within the cultural and climatic realm of the Lesser Antilles and the circum-Atlantic region. Field School students under the supervision of Dr. Sophia Perdikaris continued work begun in 2008 at Seaview, aimed at further exploration of cultural features surrounding a possible early Saladoid plaza. The excavation consisted of a large open-area trench connecting with one of the 2008 test trenches (TRB5), which produced a large posthole. Based on 2008 and 2009 C14 dates, we suspect that the inland test trenches and subsequent excavations this year represent an earlier phase of Saladoid settlement on Barbuda, relative to the midden excavations along the erosion face. The excavation was successful in finding further evidence of a Saladoid settlement situated around a plaza. The finds included artifacts and ecofacts, numerous sunken features including postholes, cooking pits, and dumping pits.
Sponsors/Funders: NSF
Country:Antigua and Barbuda
Project Start Year:2008

Account Owner

Contact: Aaron Kendall
Institution: CUNY Graduate Center
Postal Address: 365 Fifth Ave.

New York, NY

Post Code: 10016

Project Collaborators

Name: Norie Manigault
Institution: CUNY Graduate Center
Address: 365 Fifth Ave. New York, NY
Postcode: 10016
Country: USA

Project Content

PDF File
BARC Report 2010-4 prelim ceramic analysis of Seaview [0.26 MB]
This is the preliminary report on 2010 ceramics from Seaview in Barbuda.

PDF File
BARC Report 2011-4 Prelim Excavation Report at Seaview [3.18 MB]
This is the preliminary report on the 2011 excavation at Seaview in Barbuda.

IMG_0554.JPG Aerial photo [2.40 MB]
Aerial photo of Seaview trench taken from a kite (February 2011).

Project Location

Latitude: 17.6751°N
Longitude: 61.77518°W